closeup of a redbud branch, wet with rainwater

Redbud in the Rain 1

A little while ago, my camera and I were out for a walk in the rain along with the umbrella. I’d passed this redbud by many times, but now, because of the weight of the rainwater, the branches were drooping down towards me, and I had a clear shot through this leaf curtain up to the dim, overcast sky. Circumstances were favorable for a good picture.

Looking it over back home, I saw one particular little branching pattern that I liked best, but some of the leaves there had holes chewed in them. Then I noticed that in one of the holes a twig peaked through. I was sold.

I think there’s something soothing about the final result.

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What the camera saw:
redbud in the rain 1, as shot

What a bystander would see:
redbud in the rain, bystander