Reanimation 1

Silent awe smothered the darkened, lab observation theatre as we watched those miniscule structures (magnified over twenty thousand times on the huge screens) slowly, but effortlessly rematerialize from nothing.

Stevens and I had labored for so many frustrating years, and now, finally, a public demonstration of success!  At first, exhilaration poured through us—the two great pioneers of a new science.

But soon, stunned by a sudden clarity of the bigger picture, we were transformed into mere spectators, just like everyone else in that exclusive, standing-room-only crowd.

Henceforth, history would never be the same.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
What the camera saw:
reanimation 1, as shot(This also doubles as a bystander photo.)

Apparently, they poured this concrete in cold weather and had to cover the blocks with plastic to keep them from freezing. The pavement was wet that day, and the residual patterns more pronounced.